Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower!!!

This is me after arriving to my surprise. I was confused because Heather said we were leaving for a prenatal massage and then Maritza told me to follow her downstairs. Everyone was sitting there. I knew right then what was going on and after all their months of planning, all I said when I saw everyone waiting for me was, "Hi guys!" The first person my eyes went to was my friend Trisha, whom I haven't seen since her wedding. What a good surprise. In the pic it is me, my friend Steph and Trisha, and my sis Heather.

Here we are playing the guess the type of baby food game. I am very rusty. You can see Trisha dry heaves just being around baby food. My sis, Ashlee won this game. I am not sure if I always look that big. I had taken my coat off and the black blended in with my shirt. But dang, my boy is big!

I got a diaper cake! Those are so cool! Thanks Ash, I know those are pricey! Taylor had to sit by my feet as I opened presents.

Eewww, a hooded towel. I love it! There is Taylor, again.

My Aunt Lynette somehow finds time in her life to make booties. Everyone say hi to Taylor.

Dun, is time for the big one! A playpen/changing table/mobile/vibrating, light up, music playing bassinet. Thanks Heather, Maritza, and mom. There she is Taylor! Thanks everyone for coming, Janet, Grandma Godfrey, Lynette, Brittany, Taylor, Heather, Amy, Debbie, Ashlee, Trisha, Stephanie, mom, and of course the party planner.......Maritza. I am so touched that Maritza threw a surprise for me like this. I have never had a surprise party before. I felt so loved!

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