Monday, January 3, 2011

1st day in the Nursery

We took Ian to Nursery in church yesterday. We didn't really want him to go. But he loved it and ran straight for the toys. I told him goodbye. He was good with it. He loves toys and kids. Whenever we take him to the park, he always finds a little kid and has to hug him. The only problem is he won't let go. He loves his cousin, Chandler. He hugs him as well and won't let go. Anyway, back to my story, when I went to pick him up they were all sitting in a circle singing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". You have to picture all the other kids sitting there just staring off into space. And then there was Ian. He was rocking out! He was shaking his head side to side and trying to do the popping motions with his hands. He was having a great time! Too funny. Also, I got a new calling. Primary. I knew it was coming when they passed a Primary substitute list around in Relief Society and noone signed up. Then the Primary Presidency personally asked me if I would be on sub list. I said okay. Then the next week they are giving me a calling. Funny how that happens. I truly LOVE Relief Society and will miss it so much. So I am so sad to leave it. I love to learn. That is why I like going to church. I have a hard time wanting to be the teacher. But oh well. I will try to make a difference in their lives. I have learned over the years that one person can make a difference. Think of all the teachers that made a difference in your life. I will put a lot of prayer and fasting into this calling and hope to touch their lives!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taylor's 15th birthday party!

These pictures aren't from Taylor's party that she had with her friends. That was a sleep over party. These pictures are from the night of her actual birthday.

Here is the cake I made her. It is suppose to be a purse. Matt helped me. He made the peace sign and he cut out a bunch of the zebra stripes and placed them on the cake. Not bad for an 11-year old. I am pretty happy how the zipper turned out. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make cake look like a zipper but I think it look pretty realistic.
Taylor and Ian at the restaurant. Taylor really loves Ian.

Everything he does is cute to her.

Look at those cute hair extensions!

Mom, me smiling at the camera. I tried to get Aaron to smile at the camera too but he ignored me.

Halloween 2010

Okay, yes I am a sad case of a blogger. I haven't updated forever. And....I don't have pictures of my other kids in their costumes. This is because they were not with me for Halloween. They went to their dad's. I asked them to put on their costumes for me just for pictures but they wouldn't. Taylor was Lady Gaga and Matt was a scary clown. Well here are my pics of my little FedEx guy......just like daddy.

Getting ready to go get candy. Or make a delivery.

Give me the camera mom.

A box. Very entertaining.

I had a hard time getting in focus shots with my camera. My camera blurs the pictures when the subject moves. And my little subject moves a lot!

I'm back with candy!

Yum. Who needs to remove wrappers before eating.


What else is in the box.

Blurry. But how cute and little.
Quick story. We went to trick or treat at Lou's house. He is a 60 year guy I work with. He only lives a few blocks away. After Aaron wanted to go hit a few other houses in Lou's neighborhood. Only because he wanted more of Ian's candy for himself. We go to this lady's house. Me: Trick or treat. Lady: Can I have one? Me: Uh, okay. Sure. (Thinking she was joking). She takes one. Lady: Can I have another one? Me: Uh, yeah. She takes another. Now I can tell she isn't joking. I just stare at her. Lady: Do want one of mine? Me: Yeah. She gives me one of her candies. I get the heck out of there with Ian. I learned my lesson. Never go trick or treating to stranger's houses. But Aaron didn't. He still is motivated by getting more candy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ian's 1st Birthday

It is my big boys birthday. I am so happy he is in my life. What a blessing. We had a party for him yesterday. These pictures are very out of order but enjoy!!!

Yummy birthday cupcake!

Ian and daddy have their sports shirts on.

He is starting to get messy now.

Some of Ian's birthday presents.

A Kiss Sandwich from mommy and daddy. (For those of you that don't know that really is me, I colored my hair dark)

Aw, that smile warms my heart!

Ian's cute point. You can't really see it, my camera sinks!

Ian opening presents.

More opening presents.

I love this photo. Doesn't he look cute in a hat???

Ian was giving everyone kisses and we have it on video.

Matt and Ian are in matching basketball outfits. I love making them twinners.

Melting cupcakes with fondant basketballs.

The basketball cake that took me all day to make. It was my first time using/making fondant.

The sported up birthday highchair.

SO BIG!!!! And he is always crossing his feet in his highchair. I love him so much. This is a better focused picture of his sported up highchair too.

These are the things Ian does at 1 year old:

1. He does the cutest SO BIG and then claps for himself

2. He points at everything and but with his thumb out. He points to pictures in story books as I read about them to him.

3. He loves outside and cries if I won't let him out

4. He says, "mama" , "da", "ba, ba" (bye, bye), "bababa" (basketball), "ba" (ball)

5. He waves bye, bye

6. He is already into every cupboard

7.He likes to put toys under his dresser, in the vents, and down the stairs

8. He drinks from a sippy cup

9. He hates laying down for a diaper change

10. He throws himself back when he is having a fit

11. He loves broom brooms and makes the car noise

12. He still doesn't sleep through the night and he is an early riser

13. He loves kids and adores the kids at daycare

14. He has 6 teeth

15. He loves to sing and rocks out to the music his toys play

Sunday, April 18, 2010

He's crawling

Ian starting crawling on Thursday. I thought it was so cute at first, but then it wasn't very cute anymore. He was into everything. It made me laugh though when he crawled under the bar stool and then he couldn't get back out. He is also teething on the top gums. It looks like the top four teeth are all going to come in at the same time. The outer teeth right next to the top front teeth might even come in slightly faster because they broke through first.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling the Spirit

I normally wouldn't blog about moments so special that could be mocked or discredited but I really wanted to because I love the savior so much. I have been lucky in my life to develop a relationship with my savior. This came by studying his life and having a great appreciation and love for all he has done. I love goodness in people. I love people loving people. I always appreciate when I am loved. It gives me strength and hope to move forward. We all need to love as the savior taught by example. I try to emulate the savior's love. I am not perfect at it and haven't been good at it for the last little while. I used to like walking around on campus and try to be christ-like. I would smile at everyone and hope that I could emulate the savior. I am a dork, I know. I loved, loved, loved conference Easter weekend. The talks touched me personally. I think these talks and fasting (well not a true fast) prepared me to feel the spirit at church this last sunday. It has been a few years since I have felt the spirit burning in my heart. I love that feeling and never want it to leave, but it always does. I was so happy to feel the spirit again! I have been longing for it. I know god live and loves us. I am sad because my children have told me they have never had that feeling. I pray and hope that they will be blessed with that testimony some day.

Monday, April 12, 2010