Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Okay, yes I am a sad case of a blogger. I haven't updated forever. And....I don't have pictures of my other kids in their costumes. This is because they were not with me for Halloween. They went to their dad's. I asked them to put on their costumes for me just for pictures but they wouldn't. Taylor was Lady Gaga and Matt was a scary clown. Well here are my pics of my little FedEx guy......just like daddy.

Getting ready to go get candy. Or make a delivery.

Give me the camera mom.

A box. Very entertaining.

I had a hard time getting in focus shots with my camera. My camera blurs the pictures when the subject moves. And my little subject moves a lot!

I'm back with candy!

Yum. Who needs to remove wrappers before eating.


What else is in the box.

Blurry. But how cute and little.
Quick story. We went to trick or treat at Lou's house. He is a 60 year guy I work with. He only lives a few blocks away. After Aaron wanted to go hit a few other houses in Lou's neighborhood. Only because he wanted more of Ian's candy for himself. We go to this lady's house. Me: Trick or treat. Lady: Can I have one? Me: Uh, okay. Sure. (Thinking she was joking). She takes one. Lady: Can I have another one? Me: Uh, yeah. She takes another. Now I can tell she isn't joking. I just stare at her. Lady: Do want one of mine? Me: Yeah. She gives me one of her candies. I get the heck out of there with Ian. I learned my lesson. Never go trick or treating to stranger's houses. But Aaron didn't. He still is motivated by getting more candy.

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