Monday, January 3, 2011

1st day in the Nursery

We took Ian to Nursery in church yesterday. We didn't really want him to go. But he loved it and ran straight for the toys. I told him goodbye. He was good with it. He loves toys and kids. Whenever we take him to the park, he always finds a little kid and has to hug him. The only problem is he won't let go. He loves his cousin, Chandler. He hugs him as well and won't let go. Anyway, back to my story, when I went to pick him up they were all sitting in a circle singing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". You have to picture all the other kids sitting there just staring off into space. And then there was Ian. He was rocking out! He was shaking his head side to side and trying to do the popping motions with his hands. He was having a great time! Too funny. Also, I got a new calling. Primary. I knew it was coming when they passed a Primary substitute list around in Relief Society and noone signed up. Then the Primary Presidency personally asked me if I would be on sub list. I said okay. Then the next week they are giving me a calling. Funny how that happens. I truly LOVE Relief Society and will miss it so much. So I am so sad to leave it. I love to learn. That is why I like going to church. I have a hard time wanting to be the teacher. But oh well. I will try to make a difference in their lives. I have learned over the years that one person can make a difference. Think of all the teachers that made a difference in your life. I will put a lot of prayer and fasting into this calling and hope to touch their lives!

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