Thursday, April 23, 2009

33 week appt.

We are getting things ready for the nursery. This is what the baby's bedding looks like.
I went to my 33 week appt. yesterday. Little Ian is still head down. And I am so swollen. My feet and legs are yuck. I can't really claim that I have cankles yet but lets just say that it isn't very attractive. I am measuring slightly big......which isn't any surprise to me. Believe me, every part of my body is saying "pull, stretch, grow, and move over". I will get a picture posted sometime next week. The doctor told me my bones in my inner thighs, pelvis, and butt checks are seperating and that puts a lot of strain on my body. Isn't that strange?! But those are all the places I am hurting, so I don't doubt him.

Also it is no TV week at Matt's school. So Taylor, Matt, and I haven't been watching TV. It feels great! Aaron has the NBA playoffs this week, so he hasn't been able to participate. I really am not much of a TV person, I would much rather me doing something active. That is probably because my parents didn't even own a TV for a bunch of years. We found other ways to entertain ourselves. It has been peaceful and we talk more and play more together.
Another thing.......I am a licensed appraiser. I work for the county. I just got approved by the Division of Real Estate to take an exam to become a certified appraiser. I am not real excited because it is weeks of study and the test takes 6 hours. Yuck! I took practically the same test a year ago to become a licensed appraiser, it was miserable. So I guess I will start studying this weekend, boo! When I graduated from college, I thought I was done with the studying part of my life.....but here I am almost 32, pregnant, and still taking exams. Well pray for me, I get a raise if I pass!

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  1. No I didn't write anything down in a journal.I am going off straight memory. Brandon says I have a pretty good memory because he can't remember what we did on what days. I will have to show you pictures this weekend. You better come over;)