Monday, April 6, 2009

Camera Problemo!

I want to post new pictures, but I can't =( . I am having serious camera issues. Most of my camera equipment has been in boxes since we moved into this house a year ago. Yeah, I know, I've had a year. The biggest problem is that all the equipment has been in different boxes. So a couple of weeks ago I finally found my battery charger in our storage but now I can't find the USB cable (I think that is what they are called) to upload my pictures to the computer. I am going to offer Matt $5 if he can find it. That kid will do anything for $$$$. In fact his favorite colors are gold and silver. He asks for play money for presents. Either he'll love money so much that when he gets older he'll work hard and make a lot of money or he'll spend every cent he makes and be so broke that he'll be begging me for money.

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  1. Hey Rachelle!! I'm so excited you have a blog. I found you on Maritza's....hope you don't mind. I love your pictures you posted. You're kids are getting so big. And I just found out that you're having another little baby. I'm so mad that my mom never told me (even though she SWEARS that she did....but she didn't). :o) CONGRATS!! I hope you can find your camera stuff cuz I HAVE to see more pictures of everyone....including you and your growing belly!! ;o)