Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Track & Field

Taylor and Matt are in track/field. Matt has been wanting to be in track for years now. I finally found a kid's track team. I believe Taylor is only in track to be with her friends that are in it. She is so strong in her upper body that I think she will do well in the the shot put (softball toss at this age). Matt is the one that surprised me. He went to a track camp last week and he got 1st place in the shot put. Crazy?! He is such a tiny, little thing. I am excited because this Thursday is their first track meet. I can't wait! It will be fun to see how they match up with other kids their own ages. I will have to post pictures later if I don't go into labor by then. I know this might be too much information but I use this blog as a personal journal as well, so read on with mucus plug came out on Friday. I was sitting on my bed (no undies), when I noticed I felt wet. I stood up and looked at down at the bed and there was a wet spot and a large mucus strand. I was so excited! I read in my pregnancy bible that labor could be one or two days away or even one or two weeks away. So it isn't a good predictor of labor. Oh well, I guess I won't be having Ian early, unless the doctor starts me.

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